Club Officers

Rotherfield Bowls Club Photo 29 May 2017

President:                     Mr John Manser,     01892 852135
Chairman:                    Mr Ron Lamport,     01892 664973
Secretary:                     Mr Chris Thorne,     01892 852300
Treasurer:                    Mr Norman Fuller,   01892 653300
Match Secretary:       Mrs Carol Lamport, 01892 664973, Kilmelfort, Crowborough Hill,  Crowborough, TN6 2JX

League  Captain:          Mr  Dave  Hacker    01892 853745
Saturday Captain:       Mrs Sheila Brooker 01892 852177
Sunday Captain:          Mr Peter Glibbery   01892 853771
Mid Week Captain:     Mr Ray Cassidy,      01892 668533
Mid Sussex Captain:   Mrs  Jeanette Butcher, 01892 852374

Publicity:                        Mrs Jeanette  Butcher, 01892 852374

Kingsbury House  Cup  Mr David  Burton  01892 852970



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